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      Henan mechanical and electrical co., LTD., founded in 2012, is located in changge industrial concentration area peaceful road north big steam-water industrial park, the registered capital of 60.01 million yuan, covers an area of more than 100 acres, has a modern office building, factory building area of 30000 m2, green coverage rate reached 35%, is a European standard enterprise garden.

      第一会所|SiS001|注册网址 is a sino-german cooperation founded, management team of younger, automated production technology of new production enterprises, the company in November 2012 for "China's high-speed trains qualified supplier qualification, and passed the ISO9001 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001 quality/environmental/occupational health and safety certification, the company production of steam-water products have been through the national supervision and inspection center of building materials. At present, the company has more than 30 patents.

      第一会所|SiS001|注册网址 with German quality standards for production, made in China as the core productivity, is the first domestic with BIM (Building information modeling) design services and have comprehensive steam-water steam-water independent production and installation as a whole enterprise. Unit consists of large, BIM mental space, etc., and will build four advanced technology, production line, 6 steam-water integrated production line, 2 anchor bolt production line, all using automated robot, mechanical arm, and other advanced production equipment. Main products are integrated, trough system, steam-water Gao Jiangmao bolt, cable tray/support/climb, subway evacuation platform, etc., in accordance with the international advanced manufacturing technology and quality requirements to ensure the production of the company's products. 

第一会所|SiS001|注册网址 has trained a high-quality sales force, to the customer for long-term tracking service. It has established extensive and mature in the country and overseas sales network, is divided into six regions has 27 offices, and to set up overseas division is responsible for international project, east China (Shanghai, nanjing and hangzhou), central China, zhengzhou, changsha, wuhan, nanchang, hefei), south China (shenzhen, nanning, guilin, guangzhou, fuzhou, north China (Beijing, tianjin, shijiazhuang, taiyuan, jinan), southwest (chengdu, chongqing, guiyang, kunming), northwest (xi 'an, lanzhou, yinchuan, urumqi).

      Companies adhering to the "DE, cooperation, joint effort, win" business philosophy, to "create safety, environmental protection, energy saving, healthy building environment" for the mission, "supporting security, bearing responsibility" as quality policy, to "big electromechanical, Shared" as enterprise spirit, is committed to work together to achieve the sincere cooperation with customers and win-win goal.

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