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In battle Another fine
October 24 at 9 am, 2015, "ShangCai ﹒ city new world" cup of zhumadian, opened in the third session of the national automobile field cross-country open well henan mechanical and electrical team four big sen's expectations in the compny, events,
Chongqing, the great railway, the pride of the people
Recently, the fidic annual project awards this year, China won five two of fidic global outstanding project award, chongqing railway is one of them.
Big, mechanical and electrical power shenyang sihuan won lub
On November 17, 2014, with more attention - 2015 China construction engineering "(national high quality project) commendation congress held in the diaoyutai state guesthouse in Beijing, shenyang 4th ring expressway construction project such as 200 pr
confidence Hope to overcome the difficult Create brilliant
Yesterday morning, the company worker mobilization meeting was held in 2016, company executives, such as the head of the center staff to attend. The meeting shall be presided over by an assistant to the general manager palitzsch kd.
Nanning subway line one trial operation
Recently, by the large mechanical and electrical services of nanning east metro line 1 entered the stage of no-load test run smoothly. It is understood that there are 6 subway train in no-load test run east section of line 1, no-load trial run trains to 3
China's overseas contract to build the biggest formal power
On April 14, by the Chinese in turbine group construction of Ecuador after nearly six years of hard Anne Sinclair hydropower station construction, local time, on 13, formally put into production power generation.
Bloom of youth Feel the spring
Feel the spring in the race 2016 youth's mechanical and electrical, hengye auto tablet in the second marathon Running at Happiness accompanying
Great power of the underground pipe gallery city run "l
Recently, my company and guangzhou underground "ridiculous", happy to sign a contract with guangzhou underground pipe network supp ly south China area.
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