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Recently, my company and guangzhou underground "ridiculous", happy to sign a contract with guangzhou underground pipe network supply south China area.

Underground comprehensive utility tunnel is an important infrastructure of city running and the "lifeline", also known as "Mosaic" urban underground pipeline, namely in the cities along the road or take to build a pipeline corridor underground structures in a row, will feed water, rain water, sewage, heating, gas, electric power, communication, industrial and other pipeline concentrated into it, and design of specialized supporting system, according to the actual demand for operation management.

My company production of embedded parts, such as product USES the international advanced production technology, can be used cooperate with comprehensive steam-water, embedded in the building structure, solve the problem of after anchorage, widely used in rail transportation, nuclear power, underground website etc, can be installed in the concrete tensile and compressive zone high corrosion surface, convenient installation, adjustment is convenient, safe and reliable, compared with the traditional mode of municipal pipeline buried, comprehensive utility tunnel has the obvious comprehensive advantages, by users favor and praise.

It is reported, in October 2014, the ministry will put forward the goal request, in 3 years time, in 36 large and medium-sized cities across the country to start the underground pipe gallery pilot project. At present a total of 69 cities in China are under construction in underground comprehensive pipe gallery, the follow-up construction process is expected to accelerate.

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