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On April 14, by the Chinese in turbine group construction of Ecuador after nearly six years of hard Anne Sinclair hydropower station construction, local time, on 13, formally put into production power generation.

This is the overseas Chinese enterprises built and put into production, the largest hydropower station is also the Chinese turbine hydropower project into the high-end market in South America first.

Anne Sinclair hydropower station, the general arrangement plan

Anne Sinclair hydropower station with a total investment of $2.3 billion, a total of 1.5 million kilowatts, generating 8.8 billion kilowatt-hours, is the largest foreign investment amount in Ecuador's history, the largest hydropower station. The operating hydropower station, will meet the demand of Ecuador, a third of the population of the country's electricity.

Thumb up glass, vice President for engineering

My company's products are widely used in the large series engineering buildings, water conveyance tunnel of hydropower station construction area and construction area, water diversion on the flat hole and other projects, in the construction of large cavern group to ensure the safe and reliable construction quality.

Sign the contract in June, 2013, 2013 at the end of November to complete delivery. Period, the company sent engineering and technical personnel to the scene reconnaissance, many under the condition of the local natural environment, adjust measures to local conditions, overcome difficult, and optimize the project product design. Among them, the engineering minister Zhou Baolong on this through the 2014 Spring Festival holiday.

On December 23, 2014, Zhou Baolong minister before delivery

Ready to go

Company products adopt international advanced production technology, mainly used in rail transit, nuclear power, underground pipe network, and other fields. Once service multiple overseas key projects, the reservoir, the capital of Sri Lanka Moragahakanda hub project products are in production.

Project construction site

The product arrived at the scene

It is reported that Chinese companies in Latin American countries power infrastructure projects such as construction has presented "blossoming", in countries such as Argentina and venezuela are built hydropower or power-stations, big, good quality, safe and reliable mechanical and electrical products also will "do".

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