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Recently, by the large mechanical and electrical services of nanning east metro line 1 entered the stage of no-load test run smoothly. It is understood that there are 6 subway train in no-load test run east section of line 1, no-load trial run trains to 32 km/h speed. No-load test run time for 3 months later, nanning, metro line 1 (eastern) will officially enter the passenger trial operation stage.

Big, mechanical and electrical rail transit comprehensive wisdom line solution is widely used in nanning metro line 1, set with BIM technology, product design, installation, operation, maintenance of one-stop solution, so as to realize the perfect combination of BIM technology and products.

Company is a sino-german cooperation founded, the production technology automation integrated enterprise, the production of the tank, a hanger, anchor bolt, and other products adopt international advanced technology. Products are widely used in rail transportation, nuclear power, underground pipe network, and other fields, has the energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient installation, convenient adjustment and reliable safety, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc. Is the only big, mechanical and electrical company with BIM design services and has the comprehensive production capacity and the installment is a body comprehensive enterprise. Dedicated to the service of rail transit business, to the technology innovation practice of the great "China dream".

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