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Yesterday morning, the company worker mobilization meeting was held in 2016, company executives, such as the head of the center staff to attend. The meeting shall be presided over by an assistant to the general manager palitzsch kd.

Wu Huang Chai Guomin feng, general manager, executive vice President, marketing director, Alexander, general manager of Beijing think tank space big, branch and others spoke in turn according to the head of work. The chairman xiao-dong zhao to attend the meeting and the important speech.

Review meeting summarized the work in 2015, the paper analyzes the existing problems and facing the situation, every task arrangement deployed 2016, emphasized in 2016, the company's management model transform from the extensive to refinement, and promote saving, consumption reduction, solid, advance of eight guidelines. Mobilize all staff further position globally, the ideas, the tenacious struggle, realistic effect, for the development of a competitive large mechanical and electrical company and work hard.

Company executives to speak

During the meeting, the chairman xiao-dong zhao made a rousing pep talk. In the past four years, all my colleagues, Stockholders and big, unite as one, thin, the company has made encouraging achievements.

Xiao-dong zhao, chairman of the board of the speech

2016 is the fifth year of company business, is also the key for a year, in the face of tough economic times, large, people must first confidence, cheer up, to the best state of mind, go all out to work, to "stepping stones to keep seal, catch the iron have mark" determination to find opportunities in the crisis, beckoning, want to see the state supports enterprises to develop new policies, new initiatives, firmly seize the opportunity, overcome difficult, hard as, grope while exploring, in the development of new hope. Second to emancipate the mind, renew the idea, active attack. Giving full play to the advantages of good talent, technology, scale and other internal, economist, grasp opportunities, on the development, operation and management have made new breakthrough. Finally, strengthening management, value chain management, the pursuit to advanced technology, scientific, achieve seamless docking in management as a whole. To research the market, obtain accurate information at the same time, get the market, improve the management level, expanding the company's development space.

Advanced machinery and equipment

In the end, the chairman of the board of directors in a few words of assignment of the most positive energy to remarks all staff: "concentrate on work in earnest man the most handsome and cute!" To find their own value on the job and create the biggest value, will be able to find you in the big Sam's presence, has achieved his dream at the same time, make the family had to rely on.

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