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On November 17, 2014, with more attention - 2015 China construction engineering "(national high quality project) commendation congress held in the diaoyutai state guesthouse in Beijing, shenyang 4th ring expressway construction project such as 200 project construction unit at the conference received the ruban gods of gold.


Big, mechanical and electrical company's trough, cable bridge, chemical anchor bolts, and other products are widely used in the construction of shenyang sihuan. Shenyang sihuan is big, mechanical and electrical company was founded early sign the first contract project. After signing the contract, the technical personnel come to shenyang, on-the-spot investigation of local specific circumstances and climate characteristics. And by looking for information at home and abroad, the design and research out of accord with the actual product in shenyang. Production personnel in the process of production, to strictly control every process, for every parts inspection earnestly, must not pass a small flaw. Big Sam's products by the shenyang sihuan unit construction, China railway group co., LTD.

Big, mechanical and electrical products - groove

Large mechanical and electrical products - chemical anchor bolt

Large mechanical and electrical products - comprehensive steam-water

Big, mechanical and electrical products - cable tray

Luban prize was founded in 1987, referred to as the "Oscar award" of Chinese architecture. At the moment, it marked the highest honor of China state construction engineering quality, issued by the ministry of construction, China's construction industry association, as of 2015, 2040, won this award for the project of shenyang 4th ring expressway project is a new "selection miles (124 kilometers) of the longest in the history of construction comprehensive municipal projects, ushered in the large-scale complex municipal engineering" luban prize first in the country.

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