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Recently, the fidic annual project awards this year, China won five two of fidic global outstanding project award, chongqing railway is one of them.Chongqing railway have set seven world records, it is the success of the open China's railway history a new milestone. Chongqing railway was worthy of power engineering.

Let us is big, people feel proud and proud, chongqing also contains our big in the success of the railway's painstaking effort and sweat. Our company produces the high iron trough, cable bridge, chemical anchor bolts, and other products are widely used on the project, we are chongqing railway construction has made the prominent contribution. Good to produce these products, our technical staff take the initiative to give up holidays, around the clock to find relevant information both at home and abroad, and combines the actual conditions of our natural environment and chongqing railway, under the condition of experiment and improve continuously; Our worker is overcome all difficulties to work overtime to rob the construction period, catch up, to do good every product with good quality, for chongqing railway produce a quality product. Products by the chongqing engineering related leaders affirmation and praise.

Chongqing railway is an important part of Shanghai han rong channel, and connection of southwestern China, central south and east of the most convenient fast passenger channels. Than 80% line 264.4 km, tunnels, main design standards for wang level I. The pioject construction was started on December 29, 2008, was built at the end of 2013, was formally opened on May 7, 2014. Chongqing, the building of the railway, for each area east of sichuan basin high standard railway passage to fill in the blank.

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